For some reason I think this is graphics card related failure. I dont have a problem with my screen and keyboard.. Enter the BIOS setup menu. I said I was desperate. It means the motherboard failed and has to be replaced.

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Most common hardware problems

Take compaa very close look on the screen. I would probably suggest replacing the screen. I tried several times but thesame thing. I assume all those keys Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, volume located on compaq presario v6305nr separate media control board. Recenetly I had compaq presario v6305nr purchase a new AC adapter W with 6. DC Jacks by Make and Model.

I have a Vostro Then after a few months it happened again and again.

Ramesh July 8, Let me know how it goes. Can be used with both 65 watt and 90 watt AC adapters. Christian February 25, I am unable to find out the problem.

Refurbished mother board dompaq rupees… But people say even if Compaq presario v6305nr replace the mother board it will also fail in few months.

Can I use the rest of the things to built a new desktop PC. Test the laptop with only one module installed. I cannot understand your question. HiI have a samsung laptop which i bought in it has i5 processor and gb hard disk 4gb Compaq presario v6305nr.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

The only way to fix it is replacing the hinges I guess. Whenever I unplugged my charger laptop start working slow. Kevin March 2, Those keys are working perfectly but my keyboard will stop working. Compaq presario v6305nr there is a problem with Nvidia graphics.

This is for 65 watt AC adapters. Sajid waheed, If you tried compaq presario v6305nr memory but the problem still there, most likely the motherboard failing. Kelly February 26, See PJ for the 90 watt version.

Rosalie April 17, Read how to troubleshoot backlight failure. Make sure to login as an administrator. Mike July 20, My laptop is not starting when I starting it on!!! Is the hard drive and RAM modules easily accessible? What happens when you push on the power button? Joshua Compaq presario v6305nr 30, If power cuts off, this is defective AC adapter.

In order to backup data from the laptop you can do the following. Same thing happens every time I push the power botton on. Files that help describe the problem WD Thank you in advance.

I compaq presario v6305nr the ethernet cable as well. All files turned to adobe while working on net. Can be bad power button, failed RAM, failed motherboard. The laptop starts properly but after a while the screen compaq presario v6305nr turns off.

Most common hardware problems | Laptop Repair

I have a hp laptop. Connect the enclosure to any other working PC and get your files.

Now the problem is its not showing anything after switching on the power but it remains onned we forced to off it by pressing the power button.

Can you get external video to work? Hai sir am having toshiba settilite. Jayesh Compaq presario v6305nr 28, Elle April 12,

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