Do it quick, because the situation will deteriorate, and it is possible that such a situation can damage more components on the motherboard. Then apply jb weld overtop. USB ports are a part of the system board and I do not know where you can buy them. If I can get to it, I can resolder it. The PC will have to be truly off not suspended, or in standby mode, or in hibernation mode for this method to work. May be it shorts something when you move it? Here is an example of Toshiba Satellite M35X power jack.

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However, I have never taken apart a labtop computers before.

Just wondering what we might have done. The price satellite m35x s329 be about the same. Change the boot sequence to go to CD first. Since ive owned it Ive had a hard drive failure in this machine but that was a long time ago and i replaced it and it worked fine for almost satellite m35x s329 year after that.

The short is caused by a loose DC Jack on the motherboard. I would surely join, and I know others who would, too. Did you check if the memory is seated properly? I already resoldered the connections on the power jack and the problem is a little better but I still loose power if I barely push on the back of the power jack.

I even satellite m35x s329 the positive lead on the bottom side of the jack like the zatellite pic above and got 19v…. satellite m35x s329

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

I did not changed the connector but the problem I faced is just the same given on the schematic on the update. My solution comes after taking my satellite m35x s329 apart 5 times. Hey Garcete, If you cannot see any physical damage on the power jack pins and you get a voltage on the exit, then most likely the jack is satellite m35x s329 your problem.

In your case I would check the memory module first because the problem you described might occur because a bad memory. That baby looks like toast.

My previous post should read: I have the PS Hey Gary, I have exactly the same Toshiba laptop myself, but I have not created a guide for it yet. Rika, If you are satellite m35x s329 confident enough, do not open the case.

I re-soldered the jack on the top and bottom of the board and ohmed out the connections. Noticed what looks like severe corrosion between the jack and the CPU cooling sqtellite plug.

First I replaced the AC adaptor cos I thought that was the problem. I have recently purchased a new AC Charger and new battery. satellite m35x s329

A couple of satelkite I just searched on eBay for A30 DC jack and found plenty of them. If you have 2 memory modules, remove them one by one.

AC電源アダプター・TOSHIBA PAノートパソコン用ACアダプターの激安通販|01

For these machines, pressing and holding the F12 key satellite m35x s329 after powering-on the notebook will allow you to alter the notebook’s boot priority. Had the same DC input problem with my Toshiba M I was able to start laptop only after I applied some pressure on the power plug. Since I was from Canada, the 12 month extended warranty from Toshiba was also ineffective… they told me so.

I also have no led satellits on at all. They are satelite just out of warranty and both have similar problem as discussed above. I figured out how to satellite m35x s329 it down part of the way. Check me out on ebay under e-b-s. At first, I was able to wiggle the cord and it would switch back to AC. You will need to have a technician solder the jack. If they do a good job and re-solder it properly, it should last for a long time.

Knight Arthur, It sounds like your battery is dead. Satellite m35x s329 to remove the Wi-Fi card and see if it makes any changes. Maybe we my cousin and I satellite m35x s329 just part the computer out ourselves since everything else is okay. I have the same power jack issue as everyone else. All my lights work fine and the hard drive is working. So upon looking closer at the spots I had soldered I noticed a small bit of waste solder which had fallen onto a small part on the board.

Before this happened i was having overheating problems where my machine would just shut down. It helped for a few days but now the battery only holds the charge for about a half hour. Anyone have any idea how satellite m35x s329 it would run satellire to get the motherboard replaced on this laptop?

TOSHIBA PA-1650-21ノートPC用ACアダプター

The moment it shuts down, the AC adapter starts charging the satellite m35x s329 again. Satellite m35x s329, if you purchased your laptop in the USA, I believe Toshiba has issued a warranty extension for this model even for out of warranty units. But the problem that time is laptop hangs after 10 min. Douglas, Most of ss329 time people cannot boot laptop after reassembly because something is not seated or connected properly.

It watellite like a bad battery.

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